Tea as Nutraceutical

  • P. Pushpangadan National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (India)
  • P. G. Latha National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (India)


A strong link exists between health and food or drinks we consume. Many ailments like cancer, liver disorders, and diabetese etc. can be prevented and better health can be maintained by taking the right food or/and drinks. Such disease preventive and health protective food and drinks are called nutraceuticals. Tea contains powerful antioxidents like polyphenols and catechins and, therefore, has disease preventive, health protective and invigorating properties. Some scientific work carried out on the therapeutic and nutraceutic properties of tea are described in the present communication.
Keywords: Green tea, black tea, red tea, oolong tea, nutraceutical, cosmasceutical anti oxidents, catechins, polyphenols.


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Pushpangadan, P., and P. Latha. “Tea As Nutraceutical”. International Journal of Tea Science, Vol. 2, no. 01 and 02, June 2003, pp. 59-63, doi:ijts.v2i1and2.4590.